Cubs announce their initial player pool for the 2020 season

CHICAGO – Just five days earlier, Major League Baseball was finally able to set a plan to get a pandemic-shortened 2020 season underway.

The process of preparing teams like the Cubs to get that going on July 24th begins on the first of the month, which is Wednesday. Now the team knows which players they’ll have to try and build a roster for a 60-game sprint of a season.

On Sunday night, the Cubs released their initial 50-man roster or “player pool” for the 2020 season. The team still can fill up to ten slots on this roster, with the league allowing players to start training with 60 players.

The majority of the Cubs – 39 – will begin training at Wrigley Field on Wednesday, with 11 players doing their work at Four Winds Field in South Bend – home of the team’s Class A affiliate.

There are no major omissions from the roster with the majority of the players expected to be on the roster showing up. None of the team’s five draft picks from June have been included on the initial 50-man roster.

Due to the pandemic, the members of the final pool will be the only ones used by teams during the season. Those players who are not on the active roster will be part of the “Taxi Squad” which can replace injured or sick players.

Rosters will also have different limits as the season goes along as well. Teams will start the first two weeks with 30 players, then go to 28 in the third and fourth weeks. In the final month of the season and in the postseason, that number drops to 26.