Pop-up inspired by ‘The Shining’ takes over warehouse in West Loop

CHICAGO — A classic horror movie has been turned into a pop-up in the West Loop.

Room 237, a pop-up that plays tribute to “The Shining” staring Jack Nicholson has taken over a warehouse in the West Loop at 401 N. Morgan St.

Amy Teri, who is a part of the Room 237 pop-up wants to emphasize that this isn’t a haunted house, but there are plenty of spooky things around the place that are inspired by the movie.  

Guests start in the lobby, a replica of the Overlook Hotel. Guests can check in and grab a cocktail. They can then walk through some of the most memorable scenes from the classic horror movie.

At the end of the movie, there’s a party in the Gold Room, but at the popup, all the guests aren’t from the 1920s, they’re from today. You can see Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a flapper dress, politicians, hip-hop stars, and the man who started it all — Stephen King.

Tickets can be purchased online at morgan-mfg.com/room237.