2004 Thanksgiving Eve’s snow and ice storm

Dear Tom,Which months have the most similar average temperatures in opposite seasons (spring/fall)?Allison C. PalatineDear Allison,Chicago’s transition months, closest in average temperature, are November (40.3 degrees) and March (37.9 degrees), separated by just 2.4 degrees. The runner-up pairs of months are October (52.5 degrees) and April (48.9 degrees), which differ by just 3.6 degrees, followed by September (64.6 degrees) and May (59.1 degrees) with a 5.5 degree difference. As the city emerges from winter, the spring months slowly warm from start to finish, while the fall months slowly transition toward colder weather. Not surprisingly, the spring months tend to be snowier. March (5.6 inches) is typically snowier than November (1.2 inches), as is April (1.2 inches) compared to October (0.2 inches), while May and September are usually snowless