Chicago man who spoke to alleged gunman in shooting spree shares story

CHICAGO – A Chicago man is speaking out after he says he was face to face with the gunman in Saturday’s deadly shooting spree.

Their conversation was even capture on surveillance video inside the store where one victim lost his life and another is still fighting for hers.

Eddie Rouse is a regular customer at the Food Mart, located at 93rd and Halsted, which is where he was on Saturday.

In surveillance video, a man in a red hat, who we’re told is Jason Nightengale, the alleged gunman a shooting spree that killed three, is talking to Rouse.

“He stopped me and said ‘hey you wanna buy a camera’ and I said ‘nah man i just came in to get a water,’” said Rouse. “He said ‘well I got some more merchandise outside can you hold on and il get it and I was still like ‘no man ‘I’m just getting water and gonna leave.”

Rouse did just that, but came back soon after – to a very different scene.

“Bodies, I seen people laying, the lady who got shot, she was talking to me,” Rouse said. “It was terrible.”

Rouse said he knew immediately Anthony Faulkner, 20, wouldn’t survive. So, he focused his attention on an 81-year-old victim, who had been shot in the back and neck.

“He had torn stuff and thrown it on her,” Rouse said. “I pulled all the stuff off her, she was just torn up.” I was like ‘be still, keep calm, the ambulance is on the way.”

Prior to Rouse’s interaction, police said Nightengale had already killed a 30-year-old University of Chicago PhD student and a 46-year-old mother of two. He also injured a 77-year-old woman and carjacked someone else, police said.

After the corner store shooting, police said Nightengale shot a 15-year-old then fled north to Evanston, where he took a woman hostage at an IHOP and shot her.

The realization only set up later for Rouse, about how he too could have ended up dead.

“I could have been one of these people who got shot too,” he said. “My heart goes out to all the families. Stay strong, that’s all I can say baby.”

At last check, all four surviving shooting victims were in critical condition.