Comparing Chicago’s 2020-21 lackluster snow season to-date with other snow seasons

Dear Tom,
We’ve had very little snow so far this season. How does it compare to the city’s least snowy season?

Floyd Grant

Dear Floyd,
Over the course of the city’s 136 snow seasons (since 1884-85), the 1920-21 season ranks as the city’s least snowiest, totaling just 9.8 inches. Through January 13, that season had logged 6.9 inches compared to 5.4 inches this season. The rest of the 1920-21 season was snow-starved, producing just 2.9 more inches- 2.2 inches in the rest of January, 0.3 inches in February, a trace in March, and 0.4 inches in April. To date, this snow season barely makes the top 20 for least snowfall, that honor going to the 2012-13 that had logged just 1.3 inches.However, the nature of a snow season can quickly turn, as evidenced by the 2012-13 season that finished with 30.1 inches, buoyed by more than 26 inches of snow in February and March.